An effective, affordable, contextual approach to starting new expressions of Church

Step-by-step resources that enable you to start the church God has placed on your heart.

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Recover Your Mission

Discover why Jesus and the early Church centered their mission around the table.


Learn Practices That Work

You don’t have to use outdated, ineffective approaches to starting churches.


Live Your Calling

You’ll have a proven, step-by-step approach to starting churches.

Visit One of 300+ Dinner Churches Around the U.S.

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“We hung our hat on Acts 2.”

Watch the Story of Narrow Gate, one of hundreds of Dinner Churches around the US.


What Makes Dinner Church So Different?

80 churches close every week in the US. Dinner Church Collective helps pioneering leaders understand the approach used by Jesus’ first Apostles to start churches so they can use it today.

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Your Guide to Starting a Dinner Church

Discover The Dinner Table Theology

The Apostolic Era did church primarily around tables with food. Why don’t we do the same?

Get A Taste

Dinner Church is a tangible process that is working in a variety of settings. Learn how with our library of resources, training events or visit one near you.

Support While You Experiment

We help you experiment with starting a Dinner Church in your community with step-by-step resources, coaching and an immersive training event.

Celebrate Together

The Dinner Church Collective is a nationwide community of mealtime missionaries. We celebrate what God is doing through you at events and online.

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“15 Dilemmas Every New Faith Community Faces (and How the Dinner Church Addresses Them)” 

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Training Opportunities

In Person and Only Events for Leader and Teams

Dinner Church Encounter — ONLINE

One Day Conference for Leaders about Dinner Church

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Graduate Level Study

Dig deep into the theology, history and practice of Dinner Church

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All Trainings

We’re training churches and leaders around North America, with new events every week.

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Hands-on, Step-by-Step Training in Starting a Dinner Church

Welcome Call

A short conversation introducing DCC

Schedule a short call with a Dinner Church trainer to imagine how you might get started.


One Day Conference for Leaders about Dinner Church

A one-day event that will immerse you in the rich theological history of the dinner church vision and introduce you to a practical approach that any leader or group could use to begin hosting a Dinner Church in their town.

Launch Cohort

Six Month Learning Community for Core Teams

A six month training experience that begins with a one-day conference, ends with a one day conference and includes six coaching calls. Our trainers will help you craft a launch plan for a Dinner Church and walk with you along the way.


Three Day Training Experience at a Dinner Church Regional Location

A three-day experience of in-depth training and observation to help you develop a city-wide or region-wide Dinner Church strategies. Enjoy meals, training sessions, fireside chats and observations of Dinner Churches in action.


Strategy Formation for Regional and Citywide Initiatives

Fresh Expressions trainers partner with regional leaders to craft a plan to launch dinner church congregations throughout cities, regions, districts, networks, and conferences.

Dinner Church Stories

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Dig Deeper

Download the eBook “15 Dilemmas Every New Faith Community Faces (and How the Dinner Church Addresses Them)” and other free articles.


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We recommend starting with the short and immediate applicable “Welcome to Dinner, Church.” Order one for yourself or in bulk for your team.

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Dig into the theology and practice of Dinner Church and fresh expressions of Chuch with a specialized training for your church, denomination or team.