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Step-by-step resources that enable you to start the church God has placed on your heart.

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Recover Your Mission

Discover why Jesus and the early Church centered their mission around the table.


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You don’t have to use outdated, ineffective approaches to starting churches.


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You’ll have a proven, step-by-step approach to starting churches.

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“We hung our hat on Acts 2.”

Watch the Story of Narrow Gate, one of hundreds of Dinner Churches around the US.


What Makes Dinner Church So Different?

80 churches close every week in the US. Dinner Church Collective helps pioneering leaders understand the approach used by Jesus’ first Apostles to start churches so they can use it today.

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Your Guide to Starting a Dinner Church

Discover The Dinner Table Theology

The Apostolic Era did church primarily around tables with food. Why don’t we do the same?

Get A Taste

Dinner Church is a tangible process that is working in a variety of settings. Learn how with our library of resources, training events or visit one near you.

Support While You Experiment

We help you experiment with starting a Dinner Church in your community with step-by-step resources, coaching and an immersive training event.

Celebrate Together

The Dinner Church Collective is a nationwide community of mealtime missionaries. We celebrate what God is doing through you at events and online.

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“15 Dilemmas Every New Faith Community Faces (and How the Dinner Church Addresses Them)” 

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Upcoming Training Opportunities

Dinner Church Encounter
Hybrid – In-Person & On-Line / Bethlehem, PA / January 15, 2022


Training Paths to equip people in the Dinner Church Movement & Mission




This is a five-hour day-conference that introduces leaders to the historic Jesus Table. You can set-up this day-conference for your team, church, or any circle Leaders in your sphere of influence; scheduling your own ENCOUNTER is best if you have ten or more people in need of training. Another option is joining other ENCOUNTERS already scheduled; these is a good option for individual leaders or small teams. ENCOUNTERS are offered in-person and Zoom.

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Ready to Get Started?

This is a six-month training process that begins with a five-hour day-conference called PRE-LAUNCH, then provides six monthly COHORT COACHING sessions, and ends with a five-hour day conference called POST-LAUNCH. This Cohort Process helps a team develop their launch strategy. It assumes the participants have already attended an Encounter, as it helps leaders align their strategies to the Apostolic Era’s theologies and practices. These Cohorts can be scheduled for your church, or you can join other events already scheduled. They are offered in-person and Zoom.

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Seattle Immersion

This is a three-day observation & training event held in Seattle. You and your team of five or less comes to Seattle from a Sunday afternoon to Wednesday morning. You will stay in our home with us, engage in training during the day, visit numerous Dinner Church sites during the evenings, and then return home in the evenings for coffee, dessert, and debrief visits with Dinner Church pastors.

(Note: we will not be enforcing masks in the home, so it is best to travel with team members you already work with in unmasked environments. No one else will be present except your team and our team, who works mask-less in close proximity together all week long).

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Local Church Workshops

We come to you! For a customized training event for your local church context.  We can tailor this typically weekend event to your needs.

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Dinner Church School of Leadership- Graduate Level Study

This is a nine-month online Graduate Program for leaders desiring a deep understanding of the Dinner Church historic theology and ecclesiology. DCSL is a part of a cohort of five seminaries and eleven off-site programs that a student may move to after our 15-credit program to finish out a MA, MDiv, or DMin degree.

This academic consortium is subscription based, very affordable, assumes that students are engaged in full-time ministry positions or jobs, and offers ATS accreditation, which are the most transferable credits available in North America.

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Multipliers Immersion

A 3-day observation & training event designed for Jurisdictional teams and church planting team of 5 or less who responsible for regional or citywide initiatives – opening numerous Dinner Churches throughout a Conference, District, Region, City or State. Sessions focus on scope & scale considerations associated with significant multiplication efforts. Sessions are Monday afternoon to Thursday morning.

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Download the eBook “15 Dilemmas Every New Faith Community Faces (and How the Dinner Church Addresses Them)” and other free articles.


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We recommend starting with the short and immediate applicable “Welcome to Dinner, Church.” Order one for yourself or in bulk for your team.

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Dig into the theology and practice of Dinner Church and fresh expressions of Chuch with a specialized training for your church, denomination or team.