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We are a 95 year old church that became tired of declining, and decided to transition from a traditional “proclamation service” in a church building to a network of dinner churches that meet in community spaces across the city of Seattle.

We quickly realized we could accomplish more by partnering with other churches than we could do ourselves, and started opening dinner church congregations at a much faster rate. At present there are 12 dinner churches in the city with immediate plans for 15 more on our Citywide Expansion Map.

Many Seattle pastors have become moved by the phrase in the book of Acts, “You have spread your teaching throughout all of Jerusalem.” It is exciting to watch that historic form of gospel expansion occurring again in our city. From neighborhood to neighborhood, and from community table to community table we are spreading the stories of Christ together.

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God is using all sorts of people to start new kinds of church. Meet with a local dinner church leader to learn how.

Verlon and Melodee Fosner, Community Dinners Movement Founders

Dr. Verlon Fosner is a movement leader who works with pioneering leaders and organizations to guide them through the process of starting their own network of dinner churches.

Melodee Fosner is a trainer, mentor and friend to who works alongside Verlon to pass on their hard-won lessons in how to start dinner churches.


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