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3-5 Dinner Churches in every county in North Carolina.

That’s the dream in North Carolina. Inspired by the call of the Fresh Expression US movement to cultivate an environment where the fruit on the edge of the church can be brought to the center of the church. In time, the default operation of “church” in the US can move from maintenance and survival to mission and thriving.

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Soul Food: Catching People


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Jay Belk, Director of North Carolina Dinner Churches

Jay Belk is the Coordinator of the North Carolina Dinner Church who works with local congregations to achieve an ambitious vision: a dinner church in every county in the state.

After leading traditional churches, Jay knows what it takes to break out of your mold and reach a different part of your community.

Jay served as the pastor of several United Methodist Churches in North Carolina, and helped in the launch of dinner church gatherings such as Soul Food.

Jay has significant leadership experience in the market place, as well, managing a number of Belk retail stores and developing Real Estate.

Jay holds a Master’s Degree from in Hood Seminary and is an appointed UMC Elder.



Dinner Churches are Just One Example of North Carolina Fresh Expressions


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