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What is Detroit Dinner Church?

Here’s what you’ll see:

We sit at tables, feast on great food, engage in lively conversation, hear live music, drink awesome coffee, and enjoy friends in a family atmosphere.

As we finish our meal, the dishes are cleared, we refill our coffees and settle in for a nice 12 minute story. A true story. A story that might even challenge you or change your life!  Each weeks story finds its roots in the Bible – and if you don’t have one of your own, we will give you one!

The story grabs the attention of your children – or the child in you! Whatever your age – you will probably laugh or cry, find hope or be encouraged!  And after the story?  Dessert, and a 10 minute craft for the kids.

Whether you lean toward God or away from him, or you’re simply trying to discover who he is – you’ll fit right in!

Meet With A Dinner Church Practitioner—Or Learn How To Start One!

Mark and Mary Cryderman

Mark loves to build, and follows the “Form Follows Function” style of creating. So, when the opportunity came to start new churches in Detroit, Mark let the function (community) determine it’s form (food!) That led naturally to the creation of Detroit Dinner Church.

Mark dreams of planting a Dinner Church and other fresh expressions Church in each of the 26 zip codes of Detroit, and after that, each of the 96 neighborhoods.

Mary is the artist of this team! She is an accomplished water color painter and teacher. She oversees the food preparation for all of the Detroit sites.

As part of the Dinner Church Collective Training Team, Mary and Mark enjoy training Dinner Church leaders across the U.S. And back home in Detroit, they often host interns, individuals and small groups who want to learn more about Dinner Church.


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