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Strength For The Frontlines

Oct 15, 2020. Sometimes we get confused about what it means to be in the family of God. We come by this confusion naturally; it is an understandable occurrence in this ‘age of reason’ in which we live. Thankfully, our Lord clarifies it for us: #JesusStories: Luke 8 tells of a day Jesus was speaking[…]

Oct 8, 2020. Present-day Christian sensibilities suggest that we should be calm, serene, peaceful and measured leaders at all times. Interesting. Especially against the backdrop that Jesus did not always act that way. #JesusStories: John 2 and Matthew 21 both record Jesus knocking over the moneychangers tables on the front porch of the temple in[…]

Oct 1, 2020. It is human nature to desire a comfortable path for our lives and ministries. And sometimes we find seasons when the challenges are few and the budget always balances. But there is a reoccurring theme in the life of Christ that calls to us – that bids us to advance the kingdom[…]

Sept 24, 2020. It’s oft times difficult to understand the attitudes and behaviors of people who walk a different road than we do. And walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is a very difficult axiom to actually practice. This story helps… #JesusStories: In Matt. 18 Jesus tells a parable of a king who confronted[…]

Sept 17, 2020. We often assume that gospel stories are the entry level materials of faith – often reserved for children and first believers. This would be wrong. I propose that the greatest instruction for church leaders are held in Jesus’ words. We might want to look at them again through leadership eyes. #JesusStories: Luke 4[…]

Sept 10, 2020 #JesusStories: In Matt. 7, Jesus told a story about a person who built their house on sand, and in the day of storm that house came down with a “great crash”. He went on to say that anyone who builds their life upon human ideas & perspectives is building on sand. Conversely,[…]

Missiology is the equal blend of theology and sociology. However, most church leaders went to seminary to become theologians not sociologists. So it is not unreasonable that most would prefer to focus on theology to the exclusion of sociology. However, this oversight has caused us to drift toward the ditch of being so heavenly minded[…]

For many homes, dinnertime has been revisioned as TV time. Somehow, we have lost the power of the dinner table to shape society. Even the church has lost how powerful a dinner table can be, especially when it comes to reaching unchurched people. With the majority of churches and Christians lagging in confidence when it[…]

We live in a day that holds deep assumptions about the way church is done. We assume exclusive religious spaces, teaching-centric gatherings, congregational liturgies, and musical worship experiences. The reformers gave us these ideas of church five hundred years ago, and we have become serious disciples of their ways. Interestingly, this approach is not found[…]