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Strength For The Frontlines

January 7, 2021 Yesterday was another tumultuous day in our nation. I had hoped that 2021 would somehow be more peaceful, but it looks like it’s picking up right where 2020 left off – more protests, more lockdowns, and more instability. And yet the body of Christ does walk to the cadence of culture; we[…]

Dec 17, 2020. Here we are one week prior to Christmas, and I am so glad I understand what the season truly means. You and I have been invited by heaven to the Fathers table, and we have taken our place at that table. And what a life-changing privilege it has been. Yes? The Lord[…]

Dec. 10, 2020. I hate pauses. For people who are progress oriented, having to slow down feels like a death sentence. And yet, an honest perusal of our lives will assuradely reveal many stalls, setbacks & side-steps. It usually takes most of us decades of walking with Jesus to realize there is something very holy[…]

Dec. 3, 2020. Our Lord is actively birthing new things upon the earth every single day. Given that, we must learn to see them, sense them, and help usher them in. However, it is a difficult thing for us to move at the speed of God and flow with His Ways. We are limited beings[…]

Nov 19, 2020. We live in a transitory period in human history. Since the birth of the Industrial Revolution, nuclear families and individuals have branched out to ‘make their own way’. That was a significant departure from the agrarian ideal where multi-generational families worked their farms together throughout the span of their lives. That was[…]

Nov. 12, 2020. Many American Christians see themselves as humble citizens of the Kingdom of God. And while humility holds certain theological merit, there is another truth associated with our  authority that needs to be embraced too. I have noticed that the average Christian becomes nervous when it is suggested that they’ve been given authority[…]

Nov 5, 2020. What is the American Church known for? I’m sure there are different answers from different regions and regarding different denominations, but there is one identifier shared by most of us – the American Church is about Bible teaching. This is why we were considered ‘non-essential’ during the pandemic, and were shut down[…]

Oct 29, 2020. We live in a day when there are so many Christian groups doing so many Christian things that it’s hard to discern Christianity’s MAIN THING. Is it worship? Is it teaching the scriptures? Is it providing a place for believers to meet and grow? Is it to build beautiful campuses that impresses[…]

Oct 22, 2020. Public speaking is a fearful thing for many people. In truth, many ministers are not as comfortable with it as they appear. This becomes especially true when we are called to break away from prepared teachings and speak extemporaneously. And yet, there are times when the gospel will ask that very thing[…]

Oct 15, 2020. Sometimes we get confused about what it means to be in the family of God. We come by this confusion naturally; it is an understandable occurrence in this ‘age of reason’ in which we live. Thankfully, our Lord clarifies it for us: #JesusStories: Luke 8 tells of a day Jesus was speaking[…]