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Strength For The Frontlines

Mar 25, 2021. Some ministry assignments are exciting and esteeming; some are not. When I’ve been  directed by the Lord toward some tasks, it is amazing how quickly I have found myself wondering how it will look to my peers. We all want to be engaged in honorable and noteworthy ministry. But how do we[…]

Mar 11, 2021. No one enjoys being laughed at. We all have a basic need to be respected. But that doesn’t always happen in this broken world. Sometimes we deserve the ridicule, because we are doing something foolish. Foolishness happens. But sometimes being mocked forces to face an important leadership question: What is my capacity[…]

March 4, 2021. Each of us deal with fear throughout our days. But sometimes, we need to deal with it as Enemy #1. As a young man in my twenties I realized how pervasive the voice of fear was in my life, and how much it was ruining my relationships and weakening my ministry. It[…]

Feb 25, 2021. We live in an egalitarian world. Western civilization is rooted in the same Greek-based social construct that spawned democracy. So, any suggestion to ‘take orders’ tends to rub us the wrong way. On top of that we have a situational storm brewing; the idea of anyone exercising authority ‘over us’ is becoming referred[…]

Feb 18, 2021. If Covid has done anything, it has increased the digital noise flooding upon each of us. Zoom invites, email advertisements, text advertisements, and message waiting & notice beeps sounding from all of our devices. Something is dinging every couple minutes and calling us to respond. This is our life now. And it is[…]

Feb 11, 2021 Until 100 years ago, the only fertilizer available was animal manure. Farmers across the globe used it generously to increase the yield of their crops. In other words, there was always a moment in the harvest cycle when things got smelly. Have you ever felt like you were stuck in one of[…]

Feb. 4, 2021. I have noticed that it is rather difficult to engage in meaningful good works. It’s far easier to talk about good works, than it is to show up and actually do them. They are not as readily available in society as we’d wish. Occasionally, we can help the proverbial “old lady” cross[…]

Jan. 27, 2021. I have noticed something about me – I seldom recognize my self-centeredness when it shows up. Melodee seems to recognize it though…whoa. (Truthfully, it’s a good thing I have her). As thoroughly human as self-interest tends to be, it comes at a cost. #JesusStories: Matthew 23 is an interesting chapter because of[…]

Jan. 21, 2021. Routine and status quo are powerful things in human behavior. They create habits, and these habits quickly become unquestioned. We seamlessly engage in thoughts and deeds today just because we did them yesterday. But every once in a while, something new is needed, and the assumptions of yesterday are not sufficient. Can[…]

Jan. 14, 2021. If these recent months of national turmoil have done anything, they have challenged some of our idols, and caused the Church to re-evaluate our mission. It seems that a growing number of leaders are now desiring something deeper than producing Sunday church gatherings. Is the Lord speaking to you about taking a[…]