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Strength For The Frontlines

May 13, 2021. We live in a physical world, but there are spiritual influences affecting this world. In the last couple years I have witnessed a spirit of hate and division roll into our nation that has separated people in heightened ways on the basis of political party, class, and ethnicity. Further, during this pandemic[…]

May 6, 2021. We have a difficult time recognizing season changes in our lives, spiritual lives, and leadership chapters. At least I do. The momentum of the status quo causes us to wake up each morning with the expectations and assumptions of yesterday. But there comes a time when Summer absolutely gives way to Fall,[…]

Apr 29, 2021. There is an angst that shows up in my soul every once in a while. I am such a cerebral person that it is often hard for me to diagnose the reason for this quite turbulence. Am I bothered about something? Somebody? Some impending deadline? Such is the ongoing inner life of[…]

Apr 22, 2021. Leadership is an interesting thing. There is both knowledge and attitude that must flow from a leader to direct and inspire the group they are serving. But what is that ‘secret sauce’ a group needs from their leader? That is always the question of the day. #JesusStories: Jesus told a parable in[…]

Apr 15, 2021. Evil is real. Thankfully, so is the Kingdom of God. And we are servants of the latter. But do we have confidence in our authority to dispel darkness when we come up against it? Truthfully, most US Christian leaders are avoiding this topic altogether; they would rather not tangle with the obscurities[…]

Apr 8, 2021. Most of us long to be wise in our leadership. In fact, we probably pray for wisdom often in the shadow of James 1:5. And that is good. But, if we’d be honest, there is still a mocking voice within us at every critical turn. And of course, there are questioning people[…]

Apr 1, 2021. Holy Week is an opportunity for us to re-experience the Lord’s last days upon this earth. Some are guided through this time with formal liturgies, others are making extra time for prayer and reflection, and still others are simply reading the Gospel narratives of these final events. Whatever your approach, the heart[…]

Mar 25, 2021. Some ministry assignments are exciting and esteeming; some are not. When I’ve been  directed by the Lord toward some tasks, it is amazing how quickly I have found myself wondering how it will look to my peers. We all want to be engaged in honorable and noteworthy ministry. But how do we[…]

Mar 11, 2021. No one enjoys being laughed at. We all have a basic need to be respected. But that doesn’t always happen in this broken world. Sometimes we deserve the ridicule, because we are doing something foolish. Foolishness happens. But sometimes being mocked forces to face an important leadership question: What is my capacity[…]

March 4, 2021. Each of us deal with fear throughout our days. But sometimes, we need to deal with it as Enemy #1. As a young man in my twenties I realized how pervasive the voice of fear was in my life, and how much it was ruining my relationships and weakening my ministry. It[…]