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Strength For The Frontlines

Nov. 3, 2021. Do any of us really know how Christian spirituality grows in the human heart? There is something very mysterious about the way Jesus climbs into our souls. And there is something equally mysterious about how Jesus builds his churches too. #JesusStories: In Mark 4: 26ff, Jesus explained how the Kingdom of Heaven[…]

Oct 28, 2021. We need to hear from the Lord. Not just occasionally, but in an ongoing way. Without it we are only relying on our three pound brains. In the world of epistemology, we have two inputs of knowledge available on this earth: our experiences and others experiences. That’s it! However, when we tune[…]

Oct 20, 2021. The pastors, teachers, and prophets among us are skilled to lead their people into worship and the love of the Lord. Conversely, the apostles and evangelists among us are skilled to lead people to engage in the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. This creates leadership tension, but both are needful. #JesusStories:[…]

Oct 13, 2021. Most of us are uncomfortable changing memorized patterns. The status quo is a powerful thing for the simple reason that it requires less mental work. Thus, humans and groups have opted for the known approaches, even when those approaches are no longer effective. #JesusStories: One day the Pharisee’s criticized Jesus’ disciples that[…]

Oct 6, 2021. Our brains play tricks on us. The modernist era taught us to process everything though the lens of logic, reason, and scientific explanations. So when we see evil at work, we try to make sense of it in left-brain terms. This cultural default leaves Christian leaders under-practiced in dealing with the uprising[…]

Sept 28, 2021. We talk about different kinds of gifts: leadership gifts, spiritual gifts, strengths, aptitudes, talents and skill-sets. However, there is an inner expression that deserves far more attention than it usually gets. #JesusStories: Mark 2 tells of a paralytic man who is being brought on a stretcher by his friends to Jesus. But[…]

Sept 22, 2021 When it comes to healings and miracles, most people consider it a rare exception rather than a common occurrence. The greatest reason for this is the modernist era in which we live; these recent five centuries have been predominately informed by a worldview of logic, reason and the explainable sciences. And yet,[…]

Sept 16, 2021. In our youth things seemed simple; each of us could grab one perspective on any topic and hold onto it as though it was ‘the only way to see it’. But now that we are older, such simplicity no longer suffices. Most adults have fully learned that there are always a couple[…]

Sept. 9, 2021. We are profoundly aware of our humanity. We go to bed tired every night, wake up foggy every morning, and yo-yo between clarity and confusion throughout most days. That is our human reality in this fallen world. And yet we are called to be leaders in the inbreaking Kingdom of Heaven. Hmmm.[…]

Aug 17, 2021. There have been seasons in ministry when I felt I was running unabated and unhindered from anything. I love those times. But then there have been seasons when I felt every step was opposed and every effort was blunted. While I realize there are seasons of planting and seasons of harvest, there[…]