The “If” Word.

Mar 15, 2023

Jesus’ confrontation with the devil in the desert is full of insight. One in particular that demands our attention is the way Satan tried to get Jesus to question his identity. Two of the three temptations recorded in Luke 4 begins with, “If you are the Son of God…”

Let’s rewind a bit; Jesus was birthed as an infant, and had to grow in every way the same as us. And just like we need to learn our innate gifts and identities, Jesus had to learn his. Day by day, and year by year Jesus had to grow into the knowledge that he was indeed the Son of God. I’m sure there were days he believed it, and other days in which he was not so sure. His divinity undoubtedly struggled against his humanity. Now, on the threshold of his ministry, the Spirit recognized Jesus was ready, and led him to face the evil one. Interestingly, the first and foremost goal Satan had in that moment was to get Jesus questioning his identity as the Messiah. So out came the “If” word. But it did not throw Jesus; he knew who he was by then.

There is a battle for our ministerial identity too. The strongman uses the “If” word as much on us as he did in Luke 4.  But Jesus looks at us and calls us: “Evangelist”, “Discipler”, “Preacher”, “Man of God”, “Woman of God”, “Leader”, and “Dinner Church Pastor”. You and your teams identity has been pressed into your soul by Jesus Himself. So, do not let any voice from the darkness speak to you. Set your Jesus Tables with purpose; Preach your Jesus Stories with power; Pray healing into the life of every troubled person in your room. This is the heritage and calling of Dinner Church leaders…INCLUDING YOU!

Blessings & Boldness,


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