Sea of Galilee

Feb 2, 2023

Today Melodee and I are in Israel, staying in a kibbutz beside the Sea of Galilee. I am writing this blog overlooking the water from our back deck that is only 200 ft from the waters edge. I’m wondering how many times Jesus and the disciples walked by this exact piece of lakeshore? Was this near the place where Jesus healed hundreds of people, and then had to teach from a boat because the pressing throng? Or maybe one could have seen Jesus walking on the water from this point during that storm? Or perhaps this was near the place Jesus cooked the disciples breakfast on an open fire and restored Peter after his failures? Whatever May have happened on this spot, Melodee and I are stirred beyond words to be walking across the same stones as our Lord did.

We do not represent a mythical diety that has created a religious following, but we bear witness to the stories of Jesus that happened right here…on this little strip of Palestine the size of New Jersey. Jesus happened here! Jesus changed the world from here! This Jesus is our story!

Blessings & Boldness,


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