Heaven’s Version of Power

Oct 19,2022.

Followers of Christ are dual citizens; we live in this world but we also live in another – the inbreaking kingdom of Heaven. But living in two very different kingdoms at once can get confusing, especially when it comes to leadership. Jesus never got confused about this. In Mark 15, Pilate asked, “are you the king of the Jews?” I love Jesus’ response, “Those are your words.” That 4-word phrase so crystalizes the issue – this world sees roles and powers one way while heaven sees it completely different. Jesus was a powerful person, so it seemed obvious for Pilate to ask about his kingship and authority. But Jesus was ruled by heavenly metrics, so power positions seemed ludicrous to him. He saw himself as a servant of Fathers will and a servant of this world. There are kings, rulers and leaders upon this earth who happily exercise authority over others. There are even subordinates who try to wield power like kings. These versions of leadership are normal, sadly even in the Church. But these things are not normal in the heavenly realm. How refreshing when Jesus’ leaders push back from earthly power identities and opt to walk in the sandals of the Rabbi. Once we decide to put on the servants cloak something quite amazing happens – we release the divine principle of, “less-of-me-always-means-more-of-Him”. Big doors start opening, big mountains start moving, Jesus tables start serving, the gospel starts getting preached to the poor, and sick people start getting healed. That is heaven’s version of power.

Blessings & Boldness,


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