Heaven’s Megaphone

Oct 12, 2022.

In our world, big is big, and loud is loud. But in God’s world, big is small and loud is soft. God redirected Jonah by sending a worm with a ravenous appetite. And God spoke wisdom to Balaam from a talking donkey. Go figure. God seems to really enjoy speaking loudly through small vessels.

Peter got a dose of this divine strategy in Mark 14, as he was warming himself by a fire. Jesus had just been arrested and was now inside being accused, cross-examined, and sentenced. But outside, around that fire another court was in session, a soulish court. As Peter stood there alone with his anxiety, a servant girl recognized him and blurted out that he was one of the guys walking around with Jesus. Suddenly, with all eyes upon him and the lynch-mob spirit still hanging in the air, Peter became afraid and denied the girls charge. But she wouldn’t give up repeating herself, so he denied it a second time and finally a third time with curse words. Let us pause for a moment – Peter didn’t have to go to those lengths to dismiss her words. In those days women were primarily property, especially the servant girls. All he had to do was give a deriding glance in her direction, mutter under his breath, “you foolish girl”, and go back to warming his hands. Had he done that, everyone would go back to their conversations and it would have been over. Why didn’t he do that? Because it wasn’t just that servant girl who was speaking – in Peters heart he heard the reverberations of the voice of God. He was being revealed and redirected. After all, heaven had some great plans for Peter in the not-too-distant future; plans that needed him to be filled with power from on-high rather than self-determination from with-in. This was a megaphone moment for Peter.

Are you facing a megaphone moment? We all find ourselves in need of loud interventions from time to time. When your next moment comes, don’t expect revelation from a loud clap of thunder, listen instead for some mutterings from the lowest voice around you. Dick Foth states, “If you’ve lost Jesus, go the poor and they will lead you back to him.” Heaven is orchestrating some big pivots and loud voices for your leadership. When they come, it might not be a seasoned spiritual leader who delivers the insight, it might be an insignificant assignment or an unassuming vessel the Lord speaks through. That’s how heaven’s megaphone tends to work.

Blessings & Boldness,


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