Sept 28, 2022.

My heart is pulled today toward the historic storm hitting Florida. We have a multitude of Dinner Churches in that part of the country with many friends facing Ian’s fury in real-time. Even as I type this blog, the academic mentor for the Dinner Church School of Leadership Jon Davis, is unable to respond to emails – presumably due to power outages. His community of Cedar Key is where this storm is making landfall. Also, Heather Evans, one of the core-team leaders for the Dinner Church Collective is preparing for great loss in Cape Coral, especially among the must vulnerable in her community. Of great concern is the fact that the timing of Ian’s arrival coincides with high tide, which gives the storm surge unusual destructive power. Beyond that, we have family members, children, and grandchildren in Florida during these days. I am having a hard time thinking of anything else today…OH LORD PROTECT OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND FAMILY IN FLORIDA!

I am comforted by the gospel remembrances that Jesus is no stranger to storms. When he was on earth he did not avoid them, he did not fear them, sometimes he calmed them, and sometimes he just slept through them. “Oh Lord, give us all that same fearless Spirit!” Can you take a moment today, gather your family and ministry team, and call on the Lord for a divine surge that overwhelms the storm surge in Florida?


P.S. – That is not a bad prayer for anyone in your family or on your ministry team or in your congregation who is facing a storm surge of their own.


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