One Thing Is Unmovable

Sept 14, 2022.

Near the end of Mark 13, Jesus was engaged in a sobering conversation with Peter, James, John, and Andrew about the challenges and disturbances of things to come. He taught them that discerning the times was similar to looking at a fig tree and discerning when Summer was near. It appears that some of Jesus’ prophesy spoke of the destruction of the temple which would occur some 35 years later in AD 70, while other portions seem more fit for what is happening in our day. Whichever way we separate the text, it is sobering and thought-provoking. But the line in Jesus’ dialogue that leaps out and demands attention is this: “The sky and the earth will not last forever, but my words will” (vs. 31).

Let us think about that for a moment. According to Jesus, the solid ground beneath our feet isn’t actually that solid; and the sky that arcs over us isn’t actually permanent. Those two elements, which are foundational for our survival, are temporary. By contrast, Jesus’ words is the only element in the universe that is not destined to fade away. Jesus repeated this truth in the parable about the wise and foolish builders, where his words were highlighted as the only rock-like material we could build a life upon – everything else is mere sand that would wash away during storms and floods. Have we meditated sufficiently upon the singular and foundational place that Jesus’ words and Jesus’ Stories hold for humanity? When those early apostles preached the Jesus Stories around their Jesus Tables, they were using the most potent and stable spiritual material available. Do we need to work harder at preaching what they preached? We live in a day of turmoil, division, plagues, pandemics, and conflicts, where once-stable institutions and constructs are suddenly moving. Everyone is looking for some solid ground. So, the next time you stand before a room to preach a Jesus Story, remember you are offering the most unmovable and timeless spiritual material that is available upon the earth. This week, take a moment to remind your team of the unequaled power of the Jesus Stories.

Blessings & Boldness,


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