Spiritual Acts…Carnal Reasonings

Sept 7, 2022

Mark 14 captures a great JesusStory in which he was eating with a table full of friends and guests, when a woman came up behind him, broke open a very expensive jar of perfume, and poured it all over Jesus’ head. This seemed awkward and inappropriate enough that some of the guest became angry and spoke cruel things to the woman. Others complained that the perfume jar she broke was such a waste, and instead could have fed many poor people. It seems everyone had a negative review of the woman’s actions. But Jesus knew what was about to unfold, and that he was soon to be arrested, crucified, and buried. In light of that, he told the table guests to leave the woman alone, because she was doing a beautiful thing, and was in fact preparing his body for burial. What? I’m sure Jesus’ words were more of a head-scratcher than what the woman’s behavior. But this underscores a human problem: it is so easy to witness a spiritual act but immediately assess it through carnal reasoning. What looked so wrong to the disciples and guests that day was actually timely and spiritual and beautiful. Simply put, Jesus needed to be ministered to prior to his impending death, and that unnamed woman was sent by Heaven to do it.  

I have a message for all Dinner Church leaders today: there will be those in your family and your church that will hear of your work and despise it. They might even say cruel things about your ministry. They will do this because of carnal reasoning, but they are simply wrong. They, like so many others before them, are missing the spiritual act you are offering to Our Lord. What you and your people are doing is absolutely timely and spiritual and beautiful. Please strengthen your team with these words, and all of you joyfully attend to the Jesus Tables you are called to serve.  

Blessings & Boldness,


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