What do YOU want?

Feb 2, 2022.

Some Christians say they are submitted to God’s will. And that can be mark of maturity to be sure, but it can also be a cop out. We are in a relationship with Jesus, so believe it or not he wants to hear what we think and feel and want.

#JesusStories: Do you remember the story about Jesus asking the blind man, “What do you want?” Now I’m sure it was obvious to all why the blind man was shouting, but Jesus wanted to hear the man say, “I want to see!” Interesting. There is a version of spirituality that diverts all things to Jesus for his initiation. But that can slip into false humility. We are in a real two-way relationship we Jesus, and while he is forever downloading the inbreaking kingdom into our lives and ministries, he also wants to hear our heart initiations too. Mark 6:56 shows this so clearly: In every village or farm or marketplace where Jesus went, the people begged him to let them just touch his clothes and everyone who did was healed. Wow, Jesus initiated healing for all kinds of people and in all kinds of ways, but he never suggested anyone should just touch his clothes. It was the woman with the chronic bleeding condition in Mark 5 who initiated this approach when she slipped up behind Jesus and touched his robe. And now, these townspeople having heard about that woman were doing the same thing in Mark 6. I LOVE THIS!  These folks initiated a healing process all on their own, and Jesus honored each of their ‘healing reaches’. How long has it been since you’ve initiated something in the Spirit? As it turns out, your thoughts and ways and initiatives are quite important to our Lord. He is your dearest friend. Go tell him what YOU want.

#DinnerChurchQuotes: During an interview with mother Teresa she was asked, “What do you do when you pray?” She answered, “I just listen.” To which the interviewer asked, “Well what does God say?” Mother Teresa paused and said, “I don’t expect you to understand this, but he just listens.” (Vince Antonucci)

#PracticalStuff: Is there someone on your core team that needs to share the Jesus Story at your next Dinner Church gathering? While it is good for the DC congregation to hear from their pastor often, it is great for the team to learn to be ‘instant in season and out’ by the way they learn to handle the Jesus Stories. So pitch the ball to someone next week.

Blessings & Boldness,


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