Faithful Shepherds

Dec 8, 2021

The term ‘shepherding’ has suffered some negative press over the years. Some have equated it with controlling the details of peoples lives, and that has created push-back. Others have perceived it as one of the ministry gifts that isn’t very effective in leading a growing church, and that too has created push-back. But let’s consider a different definition altogether.

#JesusStories: In Jn. 10 Jesus talked about his role as the good shepherd, and how he opens the gate for people to come and go and find pasture. Interestingly though, he also revealed some other personages who commonly show up in these spiritual pastures. There are thieves who come to rob, kill, and destroy everyone in the pasture. Then there are wolves who prey upon people. And lastly there are hired shepherds who run when the predators show up. These hired shepherds are not like the owner shepherds, and they run because they do not feel a sense of loss that would cause them to turn and fight to defend the vulnerable ones in their pastures.

I suppose it is valuable for every minister of the gospel to stop once in a while and ask if there is any hireling motivation in them? Or are they more robust than that, and see a willingness to fight for the quality of their peoples lives? If you are a Dinner Church pastor, your tables have likely filled up with all sorts of vulnerable of people, who are used to being harassed and threatened in a dozen different ways. But, do we know how to fight for these people? It would be easy if we just served a meal each week and went home, but that sounds like ‘hired-shepherd’ thinking. If however, we were capable of hitting our knees at times and contending for the lives of people whom Jesus has gathered for us, that would be more like ‘owner shepherd’ thinking. While thieves and wolves seem less visible to middle-Americans, they are very real to the half of the population who suffer profound levels of isolation and loneliness. These friends do not need a hireling, they need a pastor ready to fight for them in prayer…they need a FAITHFUL SHEPHERD!

#DinnerChurchQuotes: Wolves are not the scariest things in the wilderness, a watchful pastor with a shepherd staff is. -anonymous

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