The Family Table…The Family Biz

Oct 20, 2021.

The pastors, teachers, and prophets among us are skilled to lead their people into worship and the love of the Lord. Conversely, the apostles and evangelists among us are skilled to lead people to engage in the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven. This creates leadership tension, but both are needful.

#JesusStories: Numerous times in the gospels we see Jesus leaving a very effective ministry time to withdraw to the wilderness to pray. Sometimes he withdrew alone (Mt 14:23), and other times he took his disciples (Lu 11:1). Sometimes his withdrawal efforts worked, and other times they were interrupted by desperate people who ran to find him (Mk 6:31ff). We all can relate to this: there is so much ministry happening and so many people calling that finding time for solitude and prayer becomes difficult. But it’s a fight worth fighting! Several of the disciples found out how potent these times can be as they watched Jesus actually transfigured before them to match the glorious heavenly visitors that came to meet with them (Mk 9:2ff). I am sure that experience changed their prayer lives forever. And while I wish that happened every time to me, I have had numerous prayer encounters that stirred my heart to its depths, rescued me from my carnal perspective, and reoriented me to the power and presence of my Lord. I am sure you have had times like that as well.

My point is this, if Jesus felt the deep need to ‘be with dad’, we probably need that too. Stated another way, our first calling is to meet at the God-Family Table. While this is easy for some, it is difficult for those who are gifted at expanding the Kingdom of God. But every gospel worker needs to work in the Family Business and sit at the Family Table in equal measure. If we don’t, our souls will become ‘weary in well-doing’. To be honest, this is a chronic problem for me; I am quick to rush to the work; I am slow to set down to breakfast with Jesus. Lord help me, and everyone of my brothers and sisters who are like me!


  • The constant thread in the early church was prayer; yet we have become so accustomed to relying on our own methodology.(Dan Kimball)
  • We don’t sit at a table by ourselves; we are surrounded by parents, patrons, partners, pastors, prayers, and paraclete. (Conrad Gempf)

#PracticalStuff: Have you been working your team week after week with no time for spiritual refreshment? I am certainly feeling that about my leadership team right now. In fact, tonight I am taking our group to the Table of the Lord. We will be worshipping, taking communion, and breathing prayers of blessing upon each other. Tomorrow we will rise and lead the 16 dinner churches we serve throughout the week, but for tonight we will practice Jesus’ words in Mark 6:31, “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest for a while.” Does your team need to withdraw for a night?

Blessings & Boldness,


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