An Inner Voice

Sept 10, 2020

#JesusStories: In Matt. 7, Jesus told a story about a person who built their house on sand, and in the day of storm that house came down with a “great crash”. He went on to say that anyone who builds their life upon human ideas & perspectives is building on sand. Conversely, anyone who builds their life upon Christ’s words and perspectives would be building upon rock. 

This is a foundational gospel story, because it leads us to consider where we draw our knowledge from. The academic word for this is “epistemology”. Everyone is born with two streams of information flowing into them: their experiences & others experiences. But, when we invite Jesus to live in us, a third epistemology is born – the voice of Christ. It is a good thing to ask ourselves the question, “How much time am I downloading information each day from other people’s perspectives? And how much am I downloading the voice of Christ/Wisdom/Peace/Strength/Good Works?” Feasting on everyone else’s words & starving ourselves from Christ’s words sets up a crumbling & crashing future. May Jesus’ words become LOUD in you today!                                                                                                                             

#DinnerChurchQuotes: “I want the holiness of the Eucharist to spill out beyond the church walls and onto the streets, sidewalks, backyards, dining rooms, tables, and into the hands of grubby people like you and me.” -Shauna Niequist 


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