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Strength For The Frontlines

Nov. 16, 2022. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there is a particular divine outpouring that is occurring of which I am deeply grateful… I am thankful for the historic richness of the Jesus Table that is rebirthing before our eyes. I am thankful for how church after church is setting a bountiful table each[…]

Oct 26, 2022 The Christian movement has always faced headwinds. We need to accept this as a prevailing condition of our calling. Let’s remember that our founder faced continual pressure; it even culminated with a riotous crowd screaming for the release of a murderer and the execution of the Messiah-miracle-worker. What? Even Pilate was mystified[…]

Oct 19,2022. Followers of Christ are dual citizens; we live in this world but we also live in another – the inbreaking kingdom of Heaven. But living in two very different kingdoms at once can get confusing, especially when it comes to leadership. Jesus never got confused about this. In Mark 15, Pilate asked, “are[…]

Oct 12, 2022. In our world, big is big, and loud is loud. But in God’s world, big is small and loud is soft. God redirected Jonah by sending a worm with a ravenous appetite. And God spoke wisdom to Balaam from a talking donkey. Go figure. God seems to really enjoy speaking loudly through[…]

Oct 5, 2022. We have been placed in the same position as all of our gospel predecessors – offering a message about a risen Jesus that defies logic. Jesus himself was the first one to be placed in this odd position. When he was questioned by the High Priest in Mark 14: 62 Jesus simply[…]

Sept 28, 2022. My heart is pulled today toward the historic storm hitting Florida. We have a multitude of Dinner Churches in that part of the country with many friends facing Ian’s fury in real-time. Even as I type this blog, the academic mentor for the Dinner Church School of Leadership Jon Davis, is unable[…]

Sept 14, 2022. Near the end of Mark 13, Jesus was engaged in a sobering conversation with Peter, James, John, and Andrew about the challenges and disturbances of things to come. He taught them that discerning the times was similar to looking at a fig tree and discerning when Summer was near. It appears that[…]

Sept 7, 2022 Mark 14 captures a great JesusStory in which he was eating with a table full of friends and guests, when a woman came up behind him, broke open a very expensive jar of perfume, and poured it all over Jesus’ head. This seemed awkward and inappropriate enough that some of the guest[…]

June 2, 2022. There is an inherent disconnect that all Christian leaders must navigate if we are to be effective in advancing the kingdom of Jesus. To begin with, we only have three pound brains, while the mind of Christ is a much larger thing. But to stop there would minimize the true challenge. #JesusStories:[…]

May 26, 2022. A couple weeks ago was our grand-daughters 4th birthday. When Melodee and I arrived, I teasingly told Everly that this was her big day in which she was supposed to give all of her little friends a present. She corrected me that her friends were going to be bringing presents to her.[…]