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Strength For The Frontlines

May 19, 2022. There have been lulls in my ministry when I was tired or my leadership was stuck in a fog bank. When we get in these places we need a new anointing, a new clarity, and a new boldness. But how do we get that? Prayer certainly helps, but there is another answer[…]

Apr 27, 2022 The spiritual content pastors and Christian speakers use today flows from the Bible, and that is a wonderful thing. However, the spiritual content of the First Church flowed from the stories about the life of Jesus. How would a solid diet of Jesus Stories shape disciples differently than what we do? Interesting[…]

Apr. 21, 2022. Christian ministry and leadership functions in an intersection between two worlds. We live in a natural world with predictable patterns, and yet we work for the Kingdom of God that is anything but patterned and predictable. #JesusStories: Mark 9 begins with a quote from Jesus about how some of his disciples would[…]

Apr 14, 2022. Christians the world over are focusing their hearts upon what Jesus won for humanity 2000 years ago. As I write this blog, it is Thursday of Holy Week, and something very important happened today! Yet, this significant milestone sometimes gets skipped – The New Passover. #JesusStories: On the evening before Jesus was[…]

Apr 6, 2022. Baptism means many things to the Church in the West. For some, it is outwardly demonstrating the inward cleansing of salvation. For others it means they have decided to follow Jesus and become a Christian. And for still others it means they are joining a denomination, or a church. While scripture gives[…]

March 24, 2022. Some people have embraced the idea that if something comes easy, it is proof of God’s will. And conversely, if something requires hard steps, mis-steps and re-steps, then it is evidence we are forcing our will upon God’s will. This is not a supported theology for life or leadership. #JesusStories: Jesus commonly[…]

March 16, 2022. Humans are tentative by nature. I supposed that is the reason we are referred to as being sheep-like in scripture. While there is merit to being thoughtful, Christianity needs simple and bold follower-ship  too. #JesusStory: Mark 8 tells of a time when some Pharisees started arguing with Jesus, and wanted him to[…]

March 2, 2022. We live in a rational-based part of the world. Accordingly, things that are too spiritual make most people uncomfortable. Many in the West have unwittingly embraced the Richard Dawkins mantra that all spiritual beliefs are primitive myths that have been made up to explain the unexplainable, but civilization has now outgrown the[…]

Feb 24, 2022 This Reformation Era has adopted a definition of discipleship that assumes infusing the full scriptures, Genesis to Revelation, into the minds of Christians. And as wonderful as that is, it is not what Jesus actually told us to do. #JesusStories: During the ascension, Jesus left the Great Commission ringing in our ears[…]

Feb 17, 2022. A theologian once said, “Modernism has not been particularly kind to Christianity.” Themes like the mystery of God has been forced into rational and logical constructs, which has not fit well. Another theme that has been underserved in this Reformation Era has been the nature of sin. #JesusStories: In Mark 7 the[…]